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Sae-ryun Ahn

Postdoctoral fellow

Ph.D., School of Chemical and Biological Engineering, SNU


Research area: 

Development of antiviral therapeutics and disease detection systems

Ji-yeon Shim

Research area: 

Single molecule analysis

CRISPR Cas9 engineering

Yu-ji Choi

Research area: 

Mitochondria engineering

Synthetic promoter development


Min-jeong Son

Research area: 

Antiviral strategy development

Quantitative analysis of intracellular molecules

Soojin Hong.jpg

Soo-jin Hong

Research area: 

Virus assembly engineering

Applications of genetic library


Yeon-ju Kim

Research area:

Cell display systems

Applications of genetic library

Se-yeon Kim

Research area: 

Control of 3D structure of human genome

Ye-lim Lee

Research area: 

Control of cellular transcription system

Ju-lim Lee

Research area: 

Design and construction of targeted cancer therapies

Yun-jeong Choi

Research area: 

Development of various cancer cell models

Cancer therapies




    Su-a Kang




Sae-yeon Park




 Jeong-eun Park



Sun-jin Kim



Yu-jeong Ha



Jung-mi Park